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I am tired of my dream job, I am tired of labour. Trying to understand hustle culture as a young millenial. What is the price of survival?

Ini Edo, our able queen // yungnollywood

An inquiry into delusion as a coping mechanism

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‘There are many parts of the world that are pretty and it does get better, I’m sorry life has rejected you.’

In 2014 or thereabout, I answered a question on Quora titled, ‘What can I do to stop my mother from hugging me?’ It was the first question I had ever answered on the platform and I was so confused at this question from a 16-year-old.

The ultimate pitstop for inquiries into moral philosophy, the purpose of religion and existentialism, packaged nicely into a punchy comedy filled with rockin’ bods.

But one that some people are forced to tell repeatedly even when it is literally tearing them apart.

A good portion of the world felt this way constantly even before the pandemic, they had no choice.

The Hive.

Here to learn. Making it a point not to judge the portrayal of my lived experiences through the eyes of strangers.

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